Monthly Archives: April 2010

Above the Law

We’ve often heard the expression “no one is above the law” which usually means that even those in the most powerful positions in society must be held accountable if they act illegally. Actually, I think everyone should be above the law, by which I mean that we should conduct ourselves according to a higher standard […]

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Anything But the Truth

During the more than forty years that I spent in advertising, I have on many occasions found myself having to defend it from popular culture’s depiction of the integrity and socioeconomic benefits of advertising as somewhat below that of used-car and insurance salesmen. The recent television show, “Mad Men” has only further lowered this opinion. […]

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The Audacity of a Cynic

It is difficult to look at America today and not react with great cynicism. A Congress of clowns paralyzes our country.  Our political parties have splintered into groups characterized at one end of the spectrum by ignorant fanatics who can’t understand that without government, there is only chaos and no country, and at the other […]

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