Of This and That

I expect it from men, but few things look and sound more ugly than a loudmouthed woman wearing a baseball cap, bellowing with raucous laughter in a sports bar.

Most members of Congress seem so dumb because they are.

The current state of American democracy makes the best case for other forms of government.

Do the people running the New York Yankees realize how bad it looks, game after game, to see all those ridiculously overpriced field level seats glaringly empty.

Of all the stupidity rampant in the coverage of personalities by the American media, nothing these days out-trumps Trump. In the American version of “The King’s Speech,” Geoffrey Rush would be teaching Barack Obama to stop dropping his “g”s and slurring his words to sound more folksy; to get rid of that arrogant tilt to his upraised chin; and to eliminate the almost constant use of the word “my” as in “my administration” or “my cabinet” or “my agenda” or “my whatever.”

You can learn more about baseball from one game broadcast by Bobby Valentine and Orel Hershiser on ESPN than from a whole season of babbling by Tim McCarver on Fox.

I think Sarah Palin speaks her mind, what little there is of it, but does Michele Bachmann really believe the crap that comes out of her mouth?

It’s hard to imagine two less inspiring congressional leaders than Harry Reid and John Boehner.

When it comes to professional sports, hitting a baseball may be the hardest feat; football the most dangerous to your health; basketball the most overrated by putting acrobatics above accuracy; soccer the most demanding of acting ability; car racing, track and field, tennis, golf, swimming and diving among the most repetitious; but no sport is more difficult, requiring a greater level of skill, energy, strength and dexterity, with more excitement per second than ice hockey.

And to conclude with something having nothing to do with sports or politics, the reason we love dogs so much is that they’re the only members of a family (certainly including me) that’s never a pain in the ass.